Fun Career Alchemy!

Welcome to ConceptF, where we sprinkle a little humor into the serious business of career growth! 

Think of us as the fun-loving friend who also happens to be a career guru. We’re not your typical, stuffy career service; we’re the cool cousin who knows all the tricks of the trade. From resume revamps that make you shine brighter than a disco ball to interview prep that’s as enjoyable as your favorite comedy show, we’ve got you covered. 

At ConceptF, we believe laughter is the secret ingredient to success. So, let’s make your career journey a joyride! 🚀🌟

the mission

To inject a hearty dose of humor into the world of career development. We're here to prove that climbing the career ladder can be a laugh-out-loud adventure. Our goal? To transform resumes, ace interviews, and connect talents with opportunities, all while keeping smiles wide and spirits high. We're on a quest to make professional growth not just a journey, but a joyfully memorable ride!

The Vision

Envisioning a world where career growth is synonymous with fun, ConceptF aims to be the go-to destination for chuckles and career changes. We see a future where every resume tells a compelling story, every interview feels like a friendly chat, and job searches are as exciting as treasure hunts. Our vision is to create a universe where professional success and laughter go hand in hand, making the path to your dream job not just successful, but spectacularly enjoyable!

Meet the founders

gary mint

Co-Founder & CEO

arin grey

Co-Founder & CMO

sara niels

Co-Founder & CTO


Our office in CBR

Welcome to ConceptF, Canberra’s latest and greatest in career wizardry – where we add a pinch of humor to every job quest! Nestled in the heart of the ACT, we’re stirring up the career pot with a blend of laughs and top-notch professional services. Think of us as your local career chefs, cooking up success stories with a side of giggles. Whether you’re a bush capital local or just passing through, our doors are open for a chat, a chuckle, and a career boost. So, Canberra, are you ready to laugh your way to your next big opportunity with us? 🌟🤣👔

ConceptF’s office

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“Employers and Job Seekers, unite! Contact us for career matchmaking that’s as spot-on as your favorite sitcom pairing!